Monday, August 11, 2014

Shaman's mask

A wonderful Postcrosser in Russia sent a museum card featuring a Tlingit shaman's mask. This community resides in SE Alaska, part of the larger Northwest Coast cultural tradition who fished and obtained forest resources, including wood for carving. Its a nice card and I enjoy seeing items in museum collections all around the world; hopefully some of them can be returned to Native communities for use in continuing cultural traditions!!

Text states" This mask shows the image of a supernatural being, possessing both huan and animal features. It was a shamana's attribute, imitating one of his spirit assistants. Though the curved beak reaching her lips is the main feature of a hawk, the mask probably represents the Master if Salmon."

Native Elements

A fun swap with Katie in Canada included 2 cards called Native Elements offered by Native Northwest, a Vancouver distributor with an awesome catalog of Native made products. From Katie's offerings I selected

Sixapo or Black Plume. Card text "Sixapo is dressed in a ceremonial jacket and has only one side of his hair braided. Sixapo holds a warrior club and probably belonged to one of the many warrior socieities of the Blood Nations of Southwestern Alberta.." Photo was taken in 1895 and is in the Saskatchawan Archives.
But if you look closely his hair is braided on both sides, with one contained inside of a weasel skin. Lots of great elements in this card and a super nice addition to my First Nations Plains peoples.

Katie Blue Thunder, Lakota, holds a doll and stands on a lovely beaded horse blanket. Her dress, leggings and doll are all superbly crafted by older female relations. I love to make Plains dolls and so this card appealed to me immediately.