Saturday, May 9, 2015

California Rock Art

I received an email from a Postcrosser in California recently...she had noticed a card of an Otoe man that I had sent as an Official and asked about it. The card's image  is from my University's museum's photo collection and I had arranged a gallery exhibition when some of the photos traveled. The Mathers Museum kindly shared postcards of a few images to use for publicity for the event;  I usually give the extras to my students, but occasionally mail a few to Postcrossers. I mailed one to her and in return she very kindly sent this awesome card of petroglyphs carved into the granite of the eastern Mohave Desert. The site is a National Preserve Surprisingly it is hard to find cards that celebrate Native peoples & cultures in California and so this card is a special addition to my collection. Thanks Jeannie!! Its really a super find

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ancient Puebloan tools from Mesa Verde

A nice trade with an American Postcrosser from Colorado brings this interesting card. She had many lovely cards of  Mesa Verde including stone structures, ancient pottery and this unusual offering! This card caught my eye right away and didn't seem like the type  that tourists would buy...featured in the photo are bone awls for sewing clothing, a stone axe, and ceremonial objects. Mesa Verde is a rock shelter occupied by the ancestors of Puebloan peoples 600-1300AD, with the stone shelters built around 1200 (perhaps in response to intrusions by other Native peoples such as the Apache). The site was famously discovered by a cowboy seeking lost cattle; it became a National Park in 1906 to protect the unique aspects and is a popular vacation destination.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


I started a postcard exchange group in Facebook and received this super card from a group member in Finland. It is a Moche head vessel from the Tampere Art Museum exhibit celebrating the Inca and older Native civilizations in Peru. The Moche lived in Northern Peru 100-800AD, irrigating their crops and producing high quality art. Some of their pottery expresses sexuality and fertility, while others are associated with political leaders. Portrait pottery offers images of unique individuals such as this man. Thanks to Katri who enjoyed seeing the exhibit and kindly shared this wonderful card!