Sunday, May 14, 2017


Occasionally I buy cards from Ebay sellers....this one caught my eye and my NE/Great Lakes collection can always use more cards!

The Wyandot Indians Attending Services at the Wyandot Mission Church 1830
Curteich, published for the Wyandot Museum

They Wyandot, also known as the Wendat or Huron, were a confederation of several communities when Europeans arrived in the 1600s and began to conduct trade. Disease and conflict over resources, including beavers, reduced their numbers and strength. The group dispersed and some moved to Ohio where they supported Americans against the English, although subsequent treaties reduced their territory. In 1819, the Methodist Church established a mission to the Wyandot in Ohio, its first to Native Americans. In the 1840s they were removed to Indian Territory of Kansas and later Oklahoma.

The Curteich Printing Company produced large numbers of postcards, including many with a Native American theme. They closed in 1978 and materials were archived at a Chicago museum; recently it has moved to the Newberry. For more information see: