Monday, June 25, 2012

Taos, New Mexico

this is a fun reprint of a vintage (1959) Taos large letter card sent by a Postcrosser in Albuquerque. Taos is a very old Puebloan community that continues to hold ceremonial dances and celebrations of indigenous culture. Taos is listed as a UN heritage site and I look forward to visiting next time I'm in New Mexico! Thanks to Christine and I hope you will send me more great cards!

San Gervasio, Mexico

a friend/colleague went on a short vacation this summer, spending time in Cozumel Mexico. She picked up some cards for exchange as well as for my own collection. Here is a Mayan site that is located on Cozumel Island and is known for the worship of Ix Chel, a goddess who helped women. The site is dated as Late and Post-Classic, near the end of Mayan social complexity. Another vacation trip is planned to Beliz, so I hope there will be more Mayan cards soon! Thanks Namita.


Another great card from Hernan in Chile. He says the Selk'nam (Onas) people inhabited Tierra del Fuego. Their fur robes look so warm & soft! Sadly their population quickly declined with contact, from 3000 down to 25 in under 50 years.


I have been receiving many wonderful cards from Hernan in Chile, South America showing native peoples. This card features the Mapuche people. Hernan always writes great information about their clothing, jewelry, lifeways and even words in their language. I've learned so much about this tribal group and look forward to what Hernan sends next!

San Andres, El Salvador

I have received some terrific cards showing Mayan ruins in El Salvador. Here is a nice site with a pyramid temple mound, central plaza and other areas for community activities. Thanks to Nomara for adding to my collection; cards from El Salvador seem very rare and I am so lucky to receive them!