Friday, September 14, 2012


wow, Joao sent a packet of indigenous cards from Brazil and they are fantastic! He even found another stamp featuring the Yanomami but he reports these cards are surprisingly hard to find despite Brazil's rich native heritage. So big thanks to Joao for his success in finding such wonderful postcards!! Here are a select few:

A member of the Kamayura tribe along the Xingu River fishes from a dug out canoe.

A Karaja man from the Araguaia River wears an elaborate headdress made from macaw and heron feathers; he also has elaborate designs painted on his body.

A woman in the village of Kuicuro  on the Xingu River prepares food to be eaten in a celebration. The community's large shared house is behind her.

A Tauarauana man whose reserve is located along the Xingu River performs a dance that asks for spiritual protection of his community.